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Horti China 2018 Host to Successful Second Edition of Mac Fruit Attraction China

December 20, 2018

About 15 Italian companies participated in the second Mac Fruit Attraction China, which was held on 21 to 23 November in Shanghai as part of the China Green Week / Horti China event. These companies represented a variety of industry segments including production (in particular kiwifruit), pre-harvest machinery (greenhouse and open-field technology) and post-harvest machinery.

“The companies participating in the trade fair provided positive feedback,” said Sofia Siepi of Macfrut’s international marketing office. “The Chinese market is anything but simple, yet it has great potential, especially in the field of technology, of which Italy is a world leader. It is interesting to see how the companies participating this year continue to pursue the approaches and contacts made during the first edition of Mac Fruit Attraction, which proves the importance of this trade fair.”

Davide Barotti of Urbinati shows a model of a seeding machine to potential customers.
Davide Barotti of Urbinati shows a model of a seeding machine to potential customers.

One such Italian company exhibiting at Mac Fruit Attraction China was nursery technology provider Urbinati, which was represented by Sales and Marketing Manager Davide Barotti and Export Area Manager Alessandro Mazzacano. “Joining Mac Fruit Attraction allows us to enlarge our sales network through the acquisition of new relevant projects thanks to interaction with Urbinati’s existing customers and prospective ones,” said Barotti.

Among fresh fruits Italy currently has market access to export kiwifruit and citrus to China. Origine Group’s Sweeki and Jingold were among the two export-focused Italian kiwifruit brands exhibiting at Mac Fruit Attraction China. Origine Group this year launched its Sweeki Gold yellow variety. Jingold, meanwhile, celebrated during Horti China the launch of its new Goodwei brand, which supplies Chinese consumers with Chinese-grown kiwifruit.

Reen Nordin, Sales Manager at Origine Group

Mac Fruit Attraction China was organised by Cesena Fiera and Feria de Madrid in collaboration with VNU Exhibition Asia. The Mac Fruit Attraction pavilion was in the international area of Horti China, along with exhibitors and national pavilions from the Netherlands, France, Turkey and various East Asian regions.



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