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Fruitkii Brings Canada’s “World Sapphire” Blueberries to China

August 16, 2017

On August 4, during the second China Agricultural Exhibition (A20) at Baimahu International Conference Center in Hangzhou, Chinese importer Harvest Land International Trade Co.,Ltd. and its well-known brand Fruitkii revealed their latest product, the  Canadian “World Sapphire”.

Present at the event was The Canadian Blueberry Council in which they shared valuable industry recommendations. Moreover, the 2017 Canadian Fruitkii Blueberry Strategy Conference and a free blueberry tasting were also held alongside the product launch ceremony.

According to a Fruitkii representative, the launch marks the first round of in-season Canadian blueberries imports to Chinese mainland in 2017. This year, the Canadian blueberry season came about 2 weeks late and yielded a smaller volume due to inapt weather conditions earlier in the season. Fortunately, this season’s blueberries are larger in size and superior in quality.

The late arrival of Canadian blueberry imports should make up for the lack of domestic supply in China between August and September. Likewise, this means less competition with domestic Chinese counterparts. Moreover, air transport will ensure the freshness of this batch of blueberries. Retail price of these Canadian blueberries will be high, however, due to customs duties and freight costs. 

Major Canadian blueberry varieties include Duke, Bluecrop, Reka, Brigitta, and Eilliott. The supply period for each usually lasts from July to September. The “World Sapphires” purportedly originate from British Columbia, Canada’s largest province in terms of blueberry production. Production here benefits from the temperate climate, organic-rich fertile soils, and unpolluted environment. These physical elements contribute to high amounts of dry matter content in blueberries. As a result, berries grown in British Colombia make for convenient transport and remain crisp after air shipment.

Varieties aside, Canadian blueberries have long been trusted by Chinese consumers. And that trust is backed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), which conducts strict inspection on domestically grown blueberries in Canada to ensure that rules concerning grading, packaging and identification are met.

Fruitkii noted that sales of Canadian blueberries this year will remain directed at large wholesale markets in order for the “World Sapphire” to reach more traders. Currently, Fruitkii agents are located at Shenyang Bajiazi Fruit Market, Beijing Xinfadi Fruit Market, Qingdao Jimodaxin Fruit Market, Zibo Agricultural Wholesale Market, Xi’an Yurun Agricultural Wholesale Market, Shanghai Huizhan Fruit Market, Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit Market.

Fruitkii’s strategic plan endeavors to further infiltrate local markets through a sales network of exclusive agencies in second and third-tier cities. Online and offline channels are to be connected as well. Additionally, depending on supply stability, rebates according to sales quantity will be rewarded to customers.Fruitkii is also introducing “Smiling Buddha” cherries, a Canadian brand, to the Chinese market. The first shipment, which debuts at Jiangnan Market on 15th August, has already been completely booked.

Harvest Land International Trade Co.,Ltd. is a comprehensive trade company specializing in development, production, processing and the sale of quality fruits, vegetables and other exceptional produce at home and abroad. Their aim is to provide Chinese and foreign consumers with high-quality, fresh produce. The word “Fruitkii” implies good fortune and stands for fresh, delicious, healthy and international produce.

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