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Clarification from Compagnia Italiana della Frutta

February 21, 2017

Doing followed the article “Fruitaly Italian kiwi using quality appeal to penetrate China” dated January 18, 2017

The Board of Directors of Compagnia Italiana della Frutta, where Mr. Furio Mazzotti is the Director, wants to point out that there is no association whatsoever between our company and Zespri Group Limited and that we regret any negative impression that the article may have created on Zespri or on its suppliers.

All packed product by Compagnia della Frutta’s suppliers follows different production plans and strictly respect several quality schedules based on different brands.

Nowadays all brands can’t be compared because all of them properly follow their own quality systems, so it’s clear that also prices can not be matched.

The President of Compagnia Italiana della Frutta

Gianni Amidei


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