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China Becomes World’s Largest Apple Exporting Country

February 09, 2017

According to the China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce (CFNA, Fruits Branch), China exported 1.32 million tons or USD1.45 billion worth of apples in 2016, registering 59% and 41% growth in volume and value terms respectively versus year-ago. December’s exports amounted to 180,000 tons and USD0.18 billion, 25% higher in volume terms and 13% in value terms, compared with December last year.

The year 2016 has special meanings to China’s export of apples. Total export volume exceeded 1.3 million tons for the first time and China usurped the No.1 position as an apple exporting country.

Shandong, Yunnan, and Shaanxi were the top three exporting provinces for Chinese apples in 2016. Their export performances in the year are summarized as follow:

  • Shandong – 552,000 tons (+80% vs 2015) and USD620.0 million (+52% vs 2015)
  • Yunnan – 122,000 tons (+96% vs 2015) and USD200.0 million (+49% vs 2015)
  • Shaanxi – 111,000 tons (+119% vs 2015) and USD99.8 million (80% vs 2015)

China’s export of apples has been growing heftily in recent years. Chinese apples are mostly exported to Southeast Asian markets. The volumes and values of exports generated from the top five markets are listed below:

  • Thailand – 142,000 tons, USD197.0 million
  • Philippines – 134,000 tons, USD160.0 million
  • India – 147,000 tons, USD0.149.0 million
  • Vietnam – 110,000 tons, USD140.0 million
  • Bangladesh – 181,000 tons, USD125.0 million

Imported Apples

In 2016, China imported 67,000 tons of apples, worth USD123.0 million, lower than 2015 by 23% and 16% in volume and value terms respectively. Most of the apples were imported into Guangdong Province and Shanghai. 42,900 tons (worth USD77.2 million) were imported by Guangdong, 18,700 tons (worth USD36.6 million) by Shanghai. Both import volumes and values registered double-digit declines in these two major importing ports.

China imports apples mainly from New Zealand, the US, and Chile. However, imports from these countries declined across-the-board during the past year:

  • New Zealand – 19,800 tons (-12% vs 2015) and USD45.6 million (-9% vs 2015)
  • USA – 27,000 tons (-28% vs 2015) and USD44.8 million (-17% vs 2015)
  • Chile – 16,300 tons (-28% vs 2015) and USD23.5 billion (-27% vs 2015)

According to CNFA, import of apples has a downward spiral trend.


Photo source: Baidu


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