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Camposol and Pengsheng Celebrate Season’s First Peruvian Blueberries in Hebei

July 06, 2022

Just as the previous Peruvian blueberry season has ended, here comes the new season’s first batch of blueberries from across the ocean to China. Owing to its unique climate and growing conditions, Peru has achieved a virtually year-round supply of fresh blueberries. On July 3, Camposol, a multinational company that provides families around the world with fresh and healthy food, and its partner Shanghai Pengsheng Industrial Co. Ltd. formally marked the beginning of the 2022/23 Peruvian blueberry season in China with a product release ceremony at the Gaobeidian Xinfadi Fruit and Vegetable Trading Center.

The ceremony featured the attendance of Fan Jian Xin, general manager of Pengsheng’s wholesale department for North China, while Luis Miguel Baanante, general manager of Camposol China, conveyed his greetings by video to the more than 50 fresh produce buyers and distributor representatives who attended the launch ceremony.

“China is among the most demanding markets in terms of fruit quality,” said Baanante. “We are committed to continuously leveraging our deep understanding of the market to improve our fruit quality and deliver the excellent products demanded by our customers and end consumers.”

“Peru has become the most important supplier of imported fresh blueberries to the China market,” said Fan. “Blueberries from the 2022/23 harvest are now arriving to port in rapid succession, which shows the Peruvian blueberry season in China has indeed begun in earnest. With its many years working in the China market and deep understanding gained therein, Camposol has continuously evolved its offerings to meet market requirements. Camposol blueberries have become an industry benchmark in terms of quality and price — and their performance has been remarkably stable.”

This arrival was Camposol’s first shipment of blueberries to China for the 2022/23 season. The berries departed Peru in late May and arrived at the Port of Shekou in Shenzhen on June 27. The berries in the shipment were of the Ventura variety — a giant blueberry native to the Americas and one of the main varieties currently grown in Peru. These blueberries not only ripen early and are large in size but also have a firm and crunchy texture that maintains excellent freshness over long transit periods.

At the end of the event, a container-opening ceremony and a buying activity were held. Traders at the event reportedly jumped at the opportunity to purchase the berries, and a whole container of Peruvian blueberries was sold on the spot. According to Pengsheng, the Peruvian blueberries from this shipment will be sold at Hema (Freshhippo) and Metro, among other retail channels.

Peru has claimed the title of the world’s biggest fresh blueberry exporter for the past two years, accounting for a quarter of total global exports. The annual blueberry harvest starts in May and lasts until the following April. The peak harvest season is from August to December, and 90% of the country’s fresh blueberry exports are concentrated in this five-month period.

In the Chinese market, Peru has become the most important supplier of imported fresh blueberries, shipping 24,813 metric tons of fresh blueberries to China last season. Pengsheng is a key supplier in China of both imported and domestically grown blueberries and has been cooperating with Camposol since 2018. Pengsheng’s trading volume of fresh blueberries exceeded 10,000 metric tons in 2021, approximately 40% of which were imported berries.

Images: Camposol and Shanghai Pengsheng Industrial Co. Ltd.

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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