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Blueberry Giants Agrovision and Greenvic Join Forces in China

October 10, 2023

Chile-based agricultural producer Greenvic has revealed plans to enter into a strategically aligned equity partnership with Agrovision China, the company’s Shanghai-based sales and marketing platform.

Greenvic grows and exports organic fruits, including blueberries, kiwifruit, apples and table grapes. Agrovision is one of the world’s leading producers of berries and table grapes, with export markets in Asia, North America and Europe. Agrovision China was established in 2022 to provide sales and marketing services in the Chinese market.

Agrovision is also expanding its agricultural operations in China, with plans to develop over 2,000 hectares of berry farms in Yunnan with an estimated output value of 4.8 billion Chinese yuan ($658 million). Under the Maiyili (Big Skye) brand, Agrovision has added new sales channels to several leading retailers in the country and established fully equipped warehouse facilities.

Greenvic and Agrovision China claim that the partnership will “significantly improve” services to China’s retail, e-commerce and wholesale supply channels through a broader product portfolio, ensuring a longer and more dynamic supply season. They plan to market their product ranges together, strengthening Agrovision’s supply lines between the South American and Chinese markets and providing Greenvic access to a proven sales and distribution model.

Greenvic already grows Sekoya blueberries for Agrovision in a new 350-hectare production partnership. Daniel Portaluppi, Greenvic’s head of sales, affirmed that expanding and consolidating the company’s presence in the Chinese market remains a key long-term strategic goal. Expanding the alliance with Agrovision is regarded as an essential step toward achieving this target.

Image: Unsplash

This article was based on a Chinese article. Read the original article.


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