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B2B Fresh Jiangnan App Launched to Optimize Fresh Produce Supply Chain

August 14, 2017

In recent years, the coveted and highly competitive fresh produce industry has seen many investors fail one after another. Capital competition in this industry is quite fierce, forcing many to struggle to survive or go completely bankrupt.

In the face of this increasingly tough competition, Mr. Ye Canjiang, Chairman and General Manager of Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit & Vegetable Wholesale Market Co. Ltd. and Guangzhou Fresh Jiangnan Technology Co. Ltd., is challenging the market head on. He recently announced that his company’s new B2B app Fresh Jiangnan is now officially online.

In his opening speech, Mr. Ye Canjiang explained that he has been engaged in the fresh produce industry for 27 years and the creation of this app is not only to catch up with the e-commerce trend but also the result of careful consideration, full investigation, and thorough analysis of the market: “We not only know where the advantages of the industry lie, but also the real difficulties. Therefore, we have the full confidence and ability to do it well and succeed in the end.”

He further added that the Fresh Jiangnan app relies on the powerful Jiangnan market, with its ample primary suppliers, and aims to remove the intermediate procurement procedures to quickly reduce the purchasing cost by enabling direct supply to merchants.

As an additional goal, Mr. Ye Canjiang stressed that the online platform will strive to establish improved food safety standards to ensure that merchants receive high-quality and safe products. It will also serve as a bridge between quality agricultural products and merchants, while cultivating the brand names of high-end agricultural products and optimizing the entire supply chain.

Liang Dewei, Joint CEO of Guangzhou Fresh Jiangnan Technology Co. Ltd., explained in an interview how the new mobile app provides customers with a young and professional B2B fresh business platform, backed by the Jiangnan market with its 23 years of history and development. Jiangnan market has become one of East Asia’s largest fruit and vegetable wholesale markets.

The efficient mobile platform is committed to the quality and safety of the food it provides to restaurants, hotels, canteens, supermarkets, and other merchants who are searching for online procurement solutions. In addition, it aims to provide merchants with efficient logistics and distribution networks alongside excellent after-sales service, to help tens of millions of businesses nationwide to reduce their supply chain costs and improve procurement efficiency.

Image sources: Baidu Photos


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