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Amazon China Opens Online “Fresh Store”

June 06, 2015

On May 26th, approximately one year after investing 20 million U.S. dollars in Chinese local e-commerce company Yummy 77, Amazon China launched its online “Fresh Store” site at, merely one day after Fruitday announced its C round of financing led by Jingdong (, thereby entering the fiercely contested battle of e-commerce giants for China’s fresh produce market.

According to its press release, Amazon’s “Fresh Store’s” market angle is “High Quality, Right Fresh, Satisfying Service,” with its invited partners, Yummy 77, Dole China, 21cake, Zoneco Seafood, and Hitomorrow, to offer Chinese consumers fresh and premium goods.

For consumers located in Shanghai’s outer ring, Yummy 77 provides an exclusive one-hour express delivery service for a selection of its premium goods.

Amazon China’s vice-president, Shi Jianjun, stated that “as a rich soil for the development of e-commerce, the produce section is developing quickly and has extremely local characteristics.” The “Fresh Store” will help Amazon to better understand local consumer preferences and behaviors, as well as to gain valuable insight into produce market trends in China. 

Amazon’s “Fresh Store” will continue to follow a strict invitation-only policy in selecting partners for cooperation, offering consumers high quality fresh products alongside the best possible service.


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