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[Press Release] Innovation Awards 2024: FLIA and FLIA Technology Winners Announced

Last week saw the announcement of this year’s Fruit Logistica Innovation Award winners.

February 15, 2024
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[Press Release] Fruit Logistica Attracts Top Industry People From Across the Globe

This year’s edition of Fruit Logistica has kicked off in Berlin.

February 07, 2024
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[Press Release] StePacPPC’s New Sustainable Packaging Boosts Exotic Mushroom Longevity

Packaging pioneer StePacPPC has customized its modified atmosphere packaging films for preserving the quality of mushrooms and reducing waste.

February 01, 2024
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Joy Wing Mau and Maersk Collaborate To Bring Chinese Consumers a New Year Gift

Joy Wing Mau and Maersk are working together to bring fresh Chilean cherries to Chinese consumers.

January 23, 2024
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Transportation of Chilean cherries from Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port.

[Press Release] Chilean Blueberry Committee Revises Export Estimate for 2023/24

The Chilean Blueberry Committee has revised its export estimate for the 2023/24 season to 76,500 metric tons.

November 23, 2023
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[Press Release] Chilean Cherry Committee Delivers Second Export Estimate for 2023/24

The Chilean Cherry Committee has released its second official export estimate for the 2023/24 season.

November 22, 2023
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International Fruit Expo 2024 Starts Preparations

Preparations are now underway for the International Fruit Expo 2024, to be held in Shanghai on Aug. 28–30.

November 07, 2023
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City Bake at the Right Time! Experiencing Baking With US Blueberries

The U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council recently held an event in Shanghai highlighting the use of dried blueberries in baking.

November 06, 2023
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Chilean Cherry Committee Releases First Export Estimate for 2023/24 Season: Over 95 Million Cases

The Chilean Cherry Committee has announced its first official export estimate for the 2023/24 season.

November 01, 2023
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[Press Release] 2023 IFPA State of the Industry: AI, Sustainability, and Consumer and Workforce Trends

At the recent 2023 Global Produce & Floral Show in California, International Fresh Produce Association CEO Cathy Burns highlighted a range of issues affecting the global fresh produce and floral community.

October 30, 2023
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