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Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market: Best Practices

Sell it or smell it. New organizational strategies can greatly facilitate trade in perishables, and the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market is a prime illustration of this.

April 19, 2023
New Flagship Stores Aim To Boost Zespri’s Success in China

Zespri and Joy Wing Mau have opened flagship stores in Jiaxing and Guangzhou as the Zespri New Zealand kiwifruit season in China gets underway.

April 14, 2023
As Sweet as Cherries: Chile Targets China and Japan With New Apple Varieties

The Chilean apple industry has introduced a selection of new cultivars destined for Asian markets.

April 10, 2023
Zespri Chairman: China Market Delighted About RubyRed, Volumes To Continue Growing

Zespri is forecasting that RubyRed exports to China will grow in 2023 amid projected drops in the supply of other varieties.

April 06, 2023
Vietnam Aims To Cut Unofficial Exports via Land Borders

Vietnamese authorities are planning a gradual reduction of unofficial exports over land borders from 2025 and their complete elimination by 2028.

April 03, 2023
China Fuels South Africa’s Macadamia Exports

In 2022, China was the primary market for South African macadamia nuts, absorbing over one-third of global exports.

April 01, 2023
First Ever Shipment of Iranian Oranges Reaches China

Iran has begun exporting citrus to China after receiving official approval last August.

March 22, 2023
Chilean Avocado Production To Remain Level in Coming Years

The Chilean Avocado Committee has reported a lower 2022/23 crop and expects no major increase in production in the near future.

March 21, 2023
Season’s First Kenyan Avocados Arrive in China

This season’s first batch of Kenyan avocados recently arrived in China, with the 2023 export volume expected to hit 20,000 metric tons.

March 20, 2023
Philippine Bananas Slip to #3 in Global Export Ranking

The Philippines lost its status as the world’s second-largest banana exporter in 2022 amid outbreaks of Fusarium wilt disease and high production costs.

March 16, 2023