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Chile Unveils Its Tailored-for-China Cherry VarietyThe Chilean cherry industry has introduced a new variety aimed primarily at the Chinese market. November 29, 2023
Domestic Apples Reach Record Prices in China as Imports DeclineA new USDA report forecasts a 20% drop in China’s apple imports, as cost-conscious consumers switch to domestic fruit. November 28, 2023
Roy G
Domestic Delights: China’s Grape Market Grows More Self-ReliantQuality improvements and better availability are prompting more Chinese consumers to buy domestically grown table grapes, with imports expected to drop 30% in 2023/24. November 28, 2023
Jing Zang
South African Pear Exports to China Soar Despite Seasonal DeclineExports of South African apples and pears to China have surged in recent years, according to a new USDA report. November 27, 2023
Roy G
USHBC Webinar: Expanding Blueberry Applications in ChinaOn Nov. 30, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council will host an online informational session for potential buyers from the Chinese food and beverage sectors. November 24, 2023
Jing Zang
[Press Release] Chilean Cherry Committee Delivers Second Export Estimate for 2023/24The Chilean Cherry Committee has released its second official export estimate for the 2023/24 season. November 22, 2023
Produce Report
China’s Pear Production Set To Reach 19.6 Million Tons in 2023/24A new USDA report estimates that China’s pear production in 2023/24 will reach 19.6 million metric tons, a 3% increase over last season. November 21, 2023
Roy G
Prolonged Drought Compromises Balinese Mangosteen QualityExtreme dry conditions on the Indonesian island of Bali since July have caused locally cultivated mangosteens to suffer from quality issues. November 19, 2023
Jing Zang
Air-Shipped Chilean Cherries Heat Up Chinese MarketAs Chilean cherries continue to land at airports across China, the annual “cherry fever” that occurs at the end of each year is unfolding throughout the Chinese market. November 16, 2023
Jing Zang
Australian Avocados One Step Closer to China MarketAvocados Australia recently signed a memorandum of understanding to facilitate access to the Chinese market for Australian avocados. November 15, 2023
Jing Zang


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