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Vietnam’s Produce Exports Forecast To Drop 30% in Second Half of 2021Harvesting, processing, trading and shipping in some parts of Vietnam have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 situation recently, which is expected to lead to a reduced produce export volume in the second half of 2021. August 20, 2021
Jing Zang
World’s Third-Busiest Port Partially Shut Down by COVID-19Disruptions in produce imports to East China are anticipated following the detection of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan. August 19, 2021
Emily C
Breaking News: China Bans Thai Longan ImportsChina has implemented an indefinite ban on longan imports from Thailand since Aug. 13 over contamination with mealybugs. August 18, 2021
Jing Zang
China’s Fruit Imports and Exports Both Up in First Half of 2021In the first six months of 2021, China imported and exported $7.69 billion and $2.29 billion worth of fruit, corresponding to year-on-year increases of 21% and 15.4%, respectively. August 17, 2021
Jing Zang
Vietnamese Ri6 Durians in Hot Demand in AustraliaVietnamese Ri6 durians have proved a hit with Australian consumers, with exports expected to reach 150 tons. August 15, 2021
Emily F
[Press Release] SHAFFE and CFNA Hold First Joint Board MeetingSHAFFE and CFNA recently held their first joint board meeting to discuss key issues affecting the growth of Southern Hemisphere fruit exports to China. August 12, 2021
Produce Report
Dali Jujubes Reach 10 Overseas MarketsThe start of the supply season for fresh jujubes from Shaanxi province’s Dali County has been brought forward to May using greenhouse cultivation techniques, prolonging the supply period by five months. August 09, 2021
Jing Zang
Hebei Pear Prices Hit a Slump, Falling Below 1 Yuan per JinThis season’s pear prices are not living up to expectations in China’s major pear-growing province. August 05, 2021
Emily F
Chilean Citrus on Track for Strong Export Season Globally and to ChinaWith this year’s Chilean citrus season at approximately its midpoint, total exports to the world are forecast to grow by a respectable 6.25% in 2021. August 05, 2021
Dan Siekman
China’s Fruit Imports Likely To Set New Record in 2021China imported $8.25 billion of fruit in the first half of 2021, making the import value for the whole year very likely to surpass last year’s $10.26 billion. August 03, 2021
Jing Zang


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