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[Press Release] Origine Group Launches Its Red Kiwi

October 29, 2022

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Ferrara, Italy, Oct. 28, 2022 – After two years of commercial trials, Origine Group launches its red kiwi under the Sweeki Red brand, in co-branding with the OKiwi variety brand.

This is the HFR18 red kiwifruit variety, characterized by an intense sweetness, a surprising well-balanced tropical taste and a pulp with an intense green and red color, which makes it a precious little treasure chest of flavor.

Origine Group holds the exclusive right for production throughout Italy, which is carried out by the partners and companies participating in the project. This year the kiwis have excellent quality characteristics in terms of shape, color and flavor.

For this new product, Origine Group has chosen environmentally friendly packaging with a great visual impact, with a 40×30 honeycomb cardboard box and a three-fruit cardboard tray.

“We are convinced that our product has all the salient characteristics of red-fleshed kiwifruit, starting with an excellent taste and a very intense color compared to other varieties,” says the director of Origine Group, Alessandro Zampagna. “Our volume is still limited, but the investment plan will lead to a progressive increase. With the development of the cultivation technique, which improves every year, the performance of the red kiwi will attract other producers.”

Sweeki Red will be directed toward the national and European market, where customers more attentive to quality and niche products, with a high interest in products of excellence, will be able to present Sweeki Red until the end of the year.

Images: Origine Group


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