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Major Stone Fruit Market Convention to Convene at Macfrut 2018

March 28, 2018

From May 9th through 11th of 2018, an international convention for peach and nectarine sectors will convene at the 35th edition of the Macfrut event—Macfrut 2018—in Rimini, Italy. According to data collected by CSO Italy, supply forecasts for 2017 surpassed last year's production by 16% in all major European countries. In 2017, production of peaches, nectarines and clingstone peaches reached 3.9 million tons for the first time since 2007. Nectarines and peaches alone accounted for 3 million tons compared to 2.9 million tons in earlier years.

Regarding Italy's supply, the production of peaches for fresh consumption was approximately 590,000 tons, up 10% compared with 2016. Clingstone peaches, on the other hand, displayed 24% growth with nearly 85,000 tons. Moreover, at about 690,000 tons, 5% growth was recorded for nectarine production. As for other major producing countries in Europe, output in Spain and France grew by 9% and 3%, respectively. And emerging from a particularly poor year of production in 2016, Greece recorded a high percentage increase of 53% in 2017.

It is important to realize Spain's significant contribution to Europe's overall growth of nectarine and peach production. The country’s maximum capacity grew from roughly 1.2 million tons to 1.5 million tons. Even so, Spain’s production output continues to increase, especially for doughnut peaches, which account for 50% of total production in Spain.

Spanish stone fruit exporters gained Chinese market access in 2016. Be that as it may, their exports have faced firm competition from both Chinese and American competitors. Performance of Spanish stone fruits has been tepid for more than a year—export volume has been very limited as well. In response, Spanish exporters are pulling out all the stops to expand their market share in China. During Mac Fruit Attraction 2017, Spanish exporter, Soses, exhibited many of its peach varieties with the goal of discovery long-term partnerships in China. Through promotional content and stable exports, Soses strives to bring exceptional, Spanish peaches to the Chinese fruit market and, ultimately, to the mouths of Chinese consumers.

All things considered, the increase of production in Europe has triggered an imbalance between supply and demand. Additional factors, however, are adding to the market crisis including unbundling of supply, high production costs, new competitors and products, and the ongoing Russian embargo. Finally, economic factors linked to climate change look to significantly affect market trends for products such as peaches and nectarines, which already have a short shelf life.

In a word, the convention will review all topics mentioned above between May 9th and 11th at Macfrut 2018, an event promoted by the Macfrut trade fair and CSO Italy. On the opening day, European production forecasts for 2018 will be presented at a meeting with industry experts from major European producing countries, emerging countries in the Mediterranean basin, and European large-scale retailers.

Image Source: Macfrut


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