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Ecuadorian Mangoes Allowed to Enter Chinese Market

February 04, 2016

Although Ecuador has been working on exporting mangoes to one of the world’s largest consumers – China – for some time, no agreement had been reached until very recently. It has now been confirmed that China will accept hot-water treatment as a quarantine method for Ecuadorian mangoes.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) confirmed that a protocol for the export of Ecuadorian mangoes to China has been initialed. A group of experts were sent to Ecuador to investigate local mango plantations and, based on their evaluation, AQSIQ finally approved that qualifying Ecuadorian mangoes will be allowed to enter the Chinese market.

Ecuador has been planting mangoes since 1980 and now ranks as one of the largest mango producers in the world. More than 7700 hectares of mangoes are planted in Ecuador, and this fruit is famous for its unique tropical flavor. The mango skin appears red or yellow depending on the soil conditions, and the major varieties include Tommy Atkins, Haden, Keitt, and Ataulfo. Nearly 84% of Ecuadorian mangoes are exported, with the US and Europe as the main destinations, alongside Japan. Because of their exotic flavor, Ecuadorian mangoes are also called “tropical apples” in those nations.

Ecuadorian mango producers and exporters are very excited about the opening of the Chinese market. Please stay tuned for our further report on this in the near future.

Photo Source: Pixabay


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