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Dutch HBS Operates Joint Tomato Greenhouse Project in Henan

March 15, 2016

Produce Report recently learned about the Dutch company Horticultural Business School (HBS), which operates a greenhouse tomato project in Henan Province, China. HBS is a company jointly established by the Royal Pride Group (Netherlands) and its partners. It aims to disseminate knowledge and experience in horticultural production techniques. Royal Pride Group was founded in 1960, it is one of the Netherlands' largest and most advanced greenhouse cultivation companies. Royal Pride has extensive production experience and advanced horticultural knowledge and technology, such as artificial light, hydroponic cultivation, fertilizer integration, drip irrigation, biological control, energy management, packaging, processing, cold chain logistics and quality testing, and more. Royal Pride's corporate culture has attracted attention from agricultural companies, investors, and government agencies around the world who hope to implement similar methods of production and technology in local projects. Royal Pride Group also hoped to cooperate with more local projects in order to help them succeed, and it was from this context that HBS emerged.

Produce Report learned that HBS currently works with Henan Yuhua New Material Co., Ltd. to operate a greenhouse cooperative project. Located at Jiaozuo, Henan, the project covers a total area of 2.2 hectares which includes 20,000 square meters of cultivation planting area and a 2,000 square meter seedling nursery area. All materials are imported from the Netherlands, adjusted for local climate and environment, and construction is completed by the Dutch company Prins Group. Currently, the project is growing the tomato varieties Siranzo (average fruit weight 140-150 g) and Endeavor (140-160 g), along with the cocktail variety Brioso (35-45 g). All seeds are imported from a Dutch seed company.

HBS Chairman Frank Van Kleef is directly responsible for the operations of the Henan greenhouse project. The greenhouse manager earned a master's degree from Wageningen University and Research Centre. Before taking over the project in Henan, he had a two-year professional training with Royal Pride Group in the Netherlands. The entire project uses management methods such as a daily work report by the Henan company, computerized monitoring and control systems, and weekly video conferencing. Crop cultivation and management are all in accordance with Dutch standards, guaranteeing consumers food that is of the highest quality and best taste, and safe from contamination. Jiaozuo Dutch tomatoes can be seen in the Zhengzhou market and are selling well there. It is hoped that Dutch tomatoes can spread in a similar way to other markets in China so that more people can enjoy this beautiful product.

The project leader said, “Behind such a specialized greenhouse project is the expert input of many people. I hope similar modern, intelligent glass greenhouse projects can be everywhere in China, allowing everyone to eat delicious, safe fruits and vegetables.”

With years of experience, HBS offers investors one-on-one training, and access to education and management experience. In addition, in order to achieve good governance and satisfactory profitability in the horticulture business, HBS also provides technology, cultivation, marketing, logistics and professional services.


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