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Dole Introduces Welch's California Grapes

September 22, 2015

World-renowned produce giant Dole has introduced the first Welch's brand product to arrive in China: Welch's California grapes. On September 23, the announcement that Welch's California grapes were now on the market in China was made at a news conference at Ole' Supermarket in Shenzhen, during which the media also learned the story of the Welch's brand. Soon the first baskets of grapes will be available at Ole' stores, Sam's Club, and other high-end supermarkets around the nation, just in time for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Dole China Product Manager Zhang Chao told Produce Report that this is their first collaboration with Welch's, and it includes the import of high-end American seedless red, green, and black grapes. Varieties include Scarlet Royal, Autumn King, Autumn Royal and Red Globe. Consumers will be able to sample different types of grapes and enjoy a variety of tastes and textures.

Zhang said that Welch's has always held quality and product safety as high priorities, which is consistent with Dole's philosophy. Dole China is the exclusive agent of Welch's brand grapes in China, and will fully develop their market distribution business, helping Welch's become synonymous with imported grapes in the minds of Chinese consumers.

“Although the production season of grapes in California and China overlap, we believe that there is an advantage with Dole and Welch's brands, and the sale prospects for Welch's in China are still considerable,” Zhang stated.

Welch's has a 140-year history of producing table grapes and grape juice, and makes more than 400 types of products available in 35 countries around the world. The brand has resources positioned in the United States, Peru, Chile, Mexico and other countries, enabling them to meet the Chinese market's year-round demands. Moreover, Welch's infrastructure enables them to closely monitor their global orchard production to provide consistently high-quality grapes.

Image Source: Dole

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