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Chinese Kiwifruit Season Starts with Strong Volume

August 09, 2015

The Chinese kiwifruit season will begin in August with Hongyang, the red heart kiwifruit, in Guangyuan, Sichuan Province.

According to a spokesman from the leading fruit company Joyvio, the season began with a stronger volume than last year, especially for the golden kiwifruit, and the total volume is expected to continue to increase significantly.

The volume of Jinyan kiwifruit (the golden variety) is expected to reach 15,000 tons, while 1,000 tons of Donghong kiwifruit (red heart and yellow flesh) and a total of 3,000 tons of other varieties are predicted.

Jinyan and Donghong are both patented varieties of Joyvio. These two varieties are sold to farmers or authorized enterprises, in order to increase the income of local people as well as promote the development of the industry.

The Jinyan kiwifruit is popular in the mid-range and premium markets, while Joyvio’s high-end brand “Liutao”, which is large and consistent in appearance and possesses a superior taste, represents the highest standard of golden kiwifruits.

The two main growing areas in China for kiwifruits are Sichuan and Shaanxi. In Sichuan, the producing area is mainly distributed in Chengdu, Yaan and Guangyuan. Of these, the Chengdu region is the largest area, with yellow flesh kiwifruits such as Jinyan and Jintao, red heart varieties such as Hongyang and Donghong, and green varieties such as Hayward and Cuiyu. The Sichuan region has a total production volume of approximately 480,000 tons, of which Jinyan accounts for about 70,000 tons.

In Shaanxi, the other key production area, green varieties are the most common. In particular, the production levels of Hayward and Xuxiang kiwifruits are expected to reach 700,000 tons and 400,000 tons, respectively, with additional volumes of other cultivars such as Qingmei and Cuixiang.

Photo Source: Joyvio


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