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Australia Aims To Export 40% of Cherry Output by 2025

January 28, 2023

Data from Hort Innovation show that Australia exported approximately 5,000 metric tons of fresh cherries in the 2020/21 season, accounting for 23% of total production. Hong Kong was the largest export destination during this period, receiving 24% of the total export volume.

To build on this trend, Australian cherry growers are striving to send 40% of their total production to overseas markets by 2025 through a new export program worth 1.2 million Australian dollars (US$858,000). The country’s cherry industry, composed of around 200 producers, is reportedly all set for this new stage of development.

The program, initiated by Cherry Growers Australia with industry partners, will be carried out by Hort Innovation using industry levies and funds from the Australian government. The program is set to include over 50 activities aimed at strengthening export capacity among Australian cherry growers, minimizing trade risks along the supply chain and enhancing the reputation of Australian cherries.

“Industry has set an ambitious target of exporting 40% of production by 2025 and this dedicated export program, with support being tailored to each region, will help us reach that,” said Andrea Magiafoglou, chief operating officer of Cherry Growers Australia. “With many cherry growers being export ready, we are now in a position where we can build on our success to be an export-focused industry.” She also added that the industry is very willing to share data and intelligence to maintain competitive export prices and manage trade risks against a backdrop of increasing global competition.

According to Brett Fifield, CEO of Hort Innovation, the program will focus on emergency response planning, pest and disease management, data and supply chain traceability, and training workshops and export helplines.

Image: Pixabay

This article was translated from Chinese. Read the original article.


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