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Macfrut launches a forum dedicated to China, India, and the Middle East

May 02, 2017

Cesena, 26 April 2017 – European countries have a climate that encourages high-quality fruit and vegetable production. In the last few years, however, after decades of developments and improvements in supplies, European domestic markets have become quite saturated. The impact of the embargo affecting Eastern Europe has deprived it of a naturally close end market of huge proportions, thus disrupting the distribution network that had been created. As a result of this, all producers need to find new end markets and, thanks to increasingly easier, quicker and reasonably priced transport, distant markets requiring goods to travel for weeks can now be taken into consideration. Countries such as the USA and China are still difficult to access, but nevertheless have a huge potential in the near future. Europe can also expect major developments in regions with mild climates, where tropical fruit is mainly consumed. North Africa, the Middle East, India and the entire South-East Asia region welcome trade.

This is why Macfrut, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector to be held from 10 to 12 May in Rimini, has organised, in collaboration with Eurofresh Distribution, an important forum dedicated to business opportunities in Asia and the Middle East, to be attended by opinion leaders in the industry from China, India and the UAE, scheduled for Wednesday, 10 May.

The conference will be an occasion to discuss the opportunities, restrictions and recommendations to achieve improved value with regard to Asian markets and the Middle East. Importers, retailers and opinion leaders from the United Arab Emirates, India and China will illustrate current consumption trends in their countries through an analysis of the opportunities that their many distribution channels have to offer for Europe. During the debate, the importance of the demand for “premium” products in the Gulf countries will be discussed, as well as ways of raising standards and of attracting new customers in the UAE. The opportunities of the Indian market will also be illustrated. Other speeches will focus on the upcoming opening of new markets, opportunities in China from leading retailers like CR Vanguard and Hema Fresh, new distribution channels in Asia and how to approach them; the final part, instead, will be dedicated to the new frontiers of e-commerce in the fruit and vegetable sector, with the example of Fruta Cloud, a Chinese company which distributed imported fruits online and offline.  

The entire conference will be translated into English simultaneously, with time set aside for questions and discussion. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, 10 May at 2.30pm at the Rimini Expo Centre, on the occasion of Macfrut.

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