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SHAFFE Congress Centers on ‘Keeping the World Supplied’ With Fruit

The first SHAFFE congress aims to bring together the fruit industries of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, featuring information on crop trends, production prospects and trade flows for eight Southern Hemisphere fruit suppliers.

March 09, 2021
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Cherries From Chile Announces 1.8 Million Yuan Lucky Draw Grand Winner

The winner of the Cherries from Chile 1.8 Million Yuan Super Lucky Draw was presented the keys to a brand-new cherry red Tesla Model 3 at a ceremony in Shanghai on March 2.

March 05, 2021
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Chilean Stone Fruit Campaign in China Focuses on Health and Beauty

The woman-focused promotional campaign for Chilean stone fruit in China includes a strong online element.

February 25, 2021
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[Press Release] No Evidence of COVID-19 Transmission Through Food Packaging, USDA/FDA State

U.S. authorities declare that there remains no credible evidence to support the transmission of COVID-19 through food or food packaging.

February 23, 2021
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[Press Release] SHAFFE Elects New Chilean–Uruguayan Presidency Team

The Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters has elected a new Chilean–Uruguayan presidency team for its 2021–2023 term.

February 09, 2021
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[Press Release] Xianfeng Fruit Holds Lunar New Year Cherry Festival

Xianfeng Fruit is holding special cherry-themed events ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday to promote sales of its Chilean cherries.

February 08, 2021
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Inside the Chilean Industry Quality System for Exported Blueberries

Produce Report learns how the Chilean Blueberry Committee is working to ensure that international markets receive a top-quality Chilean blueberry product.

February 06, 2021
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Detection of Covid on Cherry Packaging in China: Chilean Industry Statement

The Chilean Cherry Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) responds to media reports in China of detection of Covid-19 genetic material on the packaging of imported cherries.

January 23, 2021
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[Press Release] PMA Expands FreshEd Academy Catalogue With Retail Certificate

The Produce Marketing Association has announced its new certificate course, The Essentials of Produce at Retail.

January 20, 2021
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ASOEX, Hema Stage Cherry-Themed Cooking Show With Michelin Chef

ASOEX’s Chilean Cherry Committee and the Hema Fresh supermarket chain recently joined forces in Shanghai to promote Chilean cherries with a cherry-themed multicourse dining experience.

January 20, 2021
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